About Mumbai CH

Mumbai CH is Non-Profit, high-performance, high-availability, physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and Content Networks exchange Internet traffic between their networks. At Mumbai CH we facilitate open peering with all the members, which will help your network to connect to other Content providers and ISP’s.
Peering is direct interconnection between the networks namely content providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), DNS root servers, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, IPTV networks and other networks for the exchange of traffic between the networks. Peering makes Internet more affordable and faster for the end user as well as for the service provider.
Our Peering participants includes CDN Players, DNS Root Servers, Content Providers, Video Streaming Services, Social Media and Internet Service providers,etc. Mumbai CH was founded on 15th August 2014, which also happens to Be India’s Independence Day.

Mumbai Convergence Hub is based on the non-profit association model which enables all the members to be part of strategic decisions and thus imply on the evolution of services and budget.
The AGM typically happens in February Every year

How to Connect

Getting connected to Mumbai Convergence Hub is very easy and simple. Follow the steps below and your network can be connected within couple of days.


Signup for Mumbai CH Membership


Order a P2P link between Your NOC and
Mumbai CH Host DC (Web Werks MUM DC2,
Rabale ,Navi Mumbai)


Courier Layer 2 Switch (Cisco 2970, Cisco Small
Business Series L2 Switch Optional)


Order Cross Connect to Connect your
Network from Meet Me Room or from your Switch


Establish BGP Peering with MCH Route Server
(IP for Peering will be asigned by MCH)