Frequently Asked Questions

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. In Simple terms Peering is direct interconnection between the networks namely content providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), DNS root servers, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, IPTV networks and other networks for the exchange of traffic between the networks. Networks come together to interconnect and directly exchange traffic. Peering makes Internet more affordable and faster for the end user.
Mumbai CH is Non-Profit, high-performance, high-availability, physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and Content Networks exchange Internet traffic between their networks. At Mumbai CH we facilitate open peering with all the members, which will help your network to connect to other Content providers and ISP’s.
NO, Mumbai CH commercials are limited to Port Charges and One time membership charges. We dont charge for Volume or Usage.

Peering helps ISP’s to connect directly with multiple content network.

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Timelines are dependent on your P2P connectivity. Expected timeline for P2p connectivity is considered as 3-4 weeks and Mumbai CH Cross connect and BGP config will take maximum 1 Week.

Yes, we could help you with the introductions of Telco account manager. Later on it’s your responsibility to take the discussions ahead with them.

It depends on your existing bandwidth utilization. We normally suggest networks to go for 60% peering of your existing bandwidth utilization.

With SLA includes whole support from us with respect to technical configurations with 24*7 support. Without SLA will not include the same. Only initial configuration will be provided in that case.

We have our referral program where you could get referral bonus on every customer which you will be referring to us. For more information, please email on

Latency will be calculated as your P2P latency from your location to our location & 1-2ms at our end.