Services & Pricing

Mumbai CH offer different port size to meet your requirement from 1G to 100G based on your requirement with or without SLA.

The price strategy, structure and policy is proposed to and agreed upon by the Advisory Board Mumbai-Convergence Hub by means of presenting a Long Term Commercial Strategy plan in the General Meeting in January every year. According to the Commercial Strategy agreed upon in the 3rd Meeting on the 29th November 2016

₹ 50000


Mumbai Convergence Hub

Lifetime Membership

1G Port

With SLA

$300 Monthly /

₹ 20000

Without SLA

Plan Discontinued

W.E.F from 31st Dec 2016

10G Port

Without SLA

$700 Monthly

₹ 40000

With SLA

$1000 Monthly

₹ 60000

100G Port

Without SLA

$5000 Monthly

₹ 350000

With SLA

$6000 Monthly

₹ 420000

  • 2U Colocation is mandatory for bilateral peering with content networks and are charged at $80 PM for Hosting L2 Switch by Host Datacenter and will be billed separately.
  • Cross Connect is charged at $35 (₹2000) PM for Copper and $80 (₹5000) PM for Fiber respectively.
  • 1G Port without SLA is discontinued from 31st Dec 2016 to ensure adequate support hours can be allocated to our members.
  • Setup Fee for Port is $150 and $700 for 1G and 10G port respectively.
  • Setup Fee for SLA is $1000. The SLA on 100G connections is available on a case by case basis.

    More than a Peering Exchange.We're your trusted network partner.

    Reseller Program

    The Mumbai CH Partner Program allows third parties to resell our Ports to anyone remotely using their infrastructure and connectivity with an aim to provide easier access. Under this program partner provides IP transport, We provide peering port and manages customer relationship ( sales, billing and support )

    To know more about the program Please email us at