• Public Peering

    Public bilateral peering takes place across a Layer 2 access technology, usually described as a shared fabric. Mumbai IX allows multiple carriers to interconnect with other carriers across a single physical port.

  • Bilateral Peering

    Bilateral peering involves exactly two parties. Bilateral peering may involve a peering agreement called a Bi-Lateral Peering Agreement (BLPA).

  • Route Server Peering

    Mumbai-IX offers networks connected to the Peering LAN the opportunity to peer via its route servers. Our route servers offer the peers the possibility of filtering based on their peering db entries, as well as on predefined BGP communities

  • PI (Private Interconnect)

    A private interconnect is accomplished using one or more dedicated physical Cables to interconnect two networks in close proximity, and it is used exclusively for the exchange of traffic between those two networks

  • Reseller Program

    The Mumbai IX Partner Program allows third parties to resell our Ports to remotely using their infrastructure and connectivity with an aim to provide easier access.

  • ISP License Consulting

    Mumbai IX Provides ISP License Consulting to People who are looking to start an ISP in India and need support for Obtaining ISP License.

  • NOC Setup Services

    Mumbai IX Helps ISP’s to setup network operations center and build their infrastructure. This happens as per the requirement.

  • Colocation Services

    Mumbai IX Also offers Colocation services in association with the Tier IV facility Web Werks India built & designed by IBM.

  • Domain Hosting & Registration

    Mumbai IX has partnered with ICANN Accredited registrars to provide domain & hosting services